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The Best Ways to Pamper Your Beloved Pet

Updated: May 7

Author: Cindy Aldridge

Photo Helena Lopes via Unsplash

Author/Contributor: Aurora James (Dog Etiquette)

Pets can help us out more than we even realize. Not only are they sweet, loyal companions, but they can also actually aid in lowering our blood pressure and can reduce stress, anxiety, and the effects of depression. Because they do so much for us, many pet owners want to pamper their cats and dogs in order to give them the best lives possible, and there are many ways to go about it. Here are a few of our favorites.

Bring him along

Many animals don’t like to be separated from their owners, especially if they were rescued; some animals have a hard time getting past the abuse or neglect they suffered early in life, which makes it challenging for their owners to leave the house for extended periods of time.

If your pet has separation anxiety, look for ways to reduce stress and take your bosom friend along for outings. For instance, there are barriers, crates, and harnesses that keep your pooch safely corralled in the car, or you can consider investing in a bike trailer that will allow him to ride along to the park or dog-friendly restaurants.

Whichever option you choose, keep in mind you need to give your dog time to get acclimated to the new equipment. Also, items like crates and bike trailers have a variety of features and come in all sorts of sizes, so read reviews and find the best one for your pooch.

Also, outings are not limited to dogs; cats can enjoy adventures with you as well. Litter Robot recommends leash training your feline friend as early as possible, and spend time outdoors together so you can read your cat’s responses to various situations appropriately.

Take him to a spa

These days, there are almost as many services for pets as there are for humans, and a great way to help your furbaby feel relaxed and happy is to book him a spa appointment.

From massage to a gentle nail clipping, there are several things a spa treatment will do for your pet that will make him feel more comfortable. This is especially helpful for older pets, as they’ll benefit from any activity that helps blood circulation and promotes physical safety.

Create a space, just for him

If your pet doesn’t already have his own space in your home, Extra Space Storage suggests creating one where he can sleep comfortably or just get away from the noise and activity, especially if you have young children. This is a great way to promote good mental health for your furry one and to help him feel that he belongs within your family.

Just like humans, animals need their own spaces to relax in; it helps them feel safe. Beds and lounges are an ideal solution. Look for soft, washable fabrics, and give your pet access to his favorite toys. Make sure the space is far away from any hazards, such as space heaters or floor vents, and talk to your children about letting him have alone time now and then.

Turn your backyard into a haven

Your dog needs space to run and play, but he also needs a place outdoors where he can escape from the elements and stay safe, especially if he stays outside much of the time in warmer weather. Set up a shelter with plenty of shade, and look for weather-resistant material that can cover bedding.

It’s also important to make sure your backyard is fenced and has been checked for poisonous plants, sharp objects that could damage your pup’s paws, and any other potentially harmful materials. This will allow him to roam freely and stay safe all throughout the year.

Pampering your pet can help you form a bond, keep him safe and happy, and ensure that he’s comfortable and healthy. Think about ways you can get out to do some exploring together, plan a spa day, and set up spaces at home that promote your pet’s well-being. You’ll enjoy pampering your beloved friend almost as much as your pet enjoys the accommodations.

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