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Dear Rosemary, 

A friend introduced me to Bruce many years ago when I was in California competing in the Gaines Competitions with my Irish Setter. We talked about her coat and he offered me samples of your products. I figured he would give me one of those tiny little packets that only contains enough to wash an ear . To my surprise, he fixed me up a box with full size bottles of all of your products saying I needed to try them on all of my dogs and more than one time. So...I did just that and have been a loyal customer since that time.


I'm sure many people miss Bruce. I will always remember how kind he was and how much time he spent with me. At the time, I was only showing in obedience but always wanted my girl to be presented in top condition. So many people think that obedience dogs are the "leftovers". Bruce treated her like she was #1 All Breed!! All of his advice came in handy when I started showing in conformation with my next puppy. Bruce was such a charming, delightful person and was truly interested in all of the dogs and people he came in contact with. I was blessed to experience his kindness.


Through the years I have ordered grooming products, cots, supplements (for my dogs and myself) etc. and have recommended them to my friends and students. They speak for themselves - dogs look great, feel great. Thank you for keeping the business going for us!


All my dogs below have been raised on SummerWinds:
CH Ellie BN, JH; CH. Reba, JH, RN, CGC, VC; Bridge: U-CDX Nissa, UD,RTD, CGC, U-CDX Heather, CDX, U-CDX Rio, CDX, Megan, UD; Mai-Tai, CD, Charley,UD & Charlie (Doberbeast); CH. Gypsy, CD, CGC; CH DeeDee, CD, JH, VC, CGC; CH Ceili, JH, CGC


Patti Normandin 
-Houston, TX

Irish Setter Dog

Dear Rosemary,

I have been an avid user of your products for many years, and I didn't think you could top your products, but the Mats B Gone is absolutely the best detangler I have used on my setters! Believe me, in the nearly 30 years since I've been "in" setters, I have tried lots of products. This is the just the Best for loosening those mats. It works very fast, too. I saw it when I last ordered a new cover for one of the Rest-a-Pet Loungers our dogs have loved for years, so I just decided to try it. Now I'm ordering more.

By the way, we still have the first bed we bought at least 20 years ago! We've had to replace the cover several times and a leg or corner along the way, but it's still used, along with 4 others:)

Just wanted to thank you for your great products!

Pat Smart

Thanks for everything Kathy. I've been dealing with you folks since the early 90's when it was all by phone. You've made me remember why. You provide a good product, excellent customer service and make everything easy for us. 


Dear Rosemary,

Thank you very much for your wonderful Thanksgiving card. Our Chihuahuas all thank you for the wonderful gift of health they have derived thru your products. We have had many healthy litters of pups thanks to SummerWinds products! Enclosed is a photo of our Mom Chi with her engorged breasts saying "Thanks SummerWinds for your "Lots A Milk" Product, and another photo of her puppy thanking SummerWinds for my good start in life!". I am a nurse and I know good nutrition when I see it, good nutrition that's prevents illness and deficiency is more important then medicine to mask the symptoms and fix what need not have gone wrong in the first place! We always pass SummerWinds information on to all the buyers of our pups and to all our breeder friends ! Do you have any new "good start" nutrients for pups? We are looking forward to reviewing your newest products and to placing our order.


May you be blessed on this Thanksgiving day and always.

Thanks again,
Donna Antolick RN.

Tog Dog
Tou Dog & Puppies

Just had to rave a little about SummerWinds. I started using the shampoo--conditioner and protect a coat--and wow it works soooo good! I just placed my second order for Gallons of EACH. My Yorkie Kamikaze was having hair problems, his hair was sort of fried! I started using your products and since March,2008 he now has 3 majors! We are well on our way to his AKC Championship. You have wonderful products--thanks so much for the advise. I was going crazy trying every product in the world--but SummerWinds changed that. I'm sold! I'm sending a show photo of me and Kamikaze with a major win at Oklahoma City Toy dog show. I'd be honored to be included in your testimonials--it's a great product!

Kathy M Owens 

Champion Winning Yorkie

Hi Rosemary,

Here is a photo of my little bitch that has the puppies now. Her name Angelique and she was top bitch all breeds in South Africa last year 2007 and she also the top dog South African bred in 2007. I am very proud of her and since I have been using your products I can see such a difference in her coat texture and the length it is amazing. I used a local produce product and it burned her and my male Manu skin so terribly that even my Vet could not believe it, they were on Cortisone tablets for two weeks, but thanks to your product it is back to normal and down to the floor again. It is the best product I have ever used in 26 years of showing and believe me I have been thru all of them.

Libra Maltese 
South Africa 

Two Maltese Dogs

Dear Rosemary,

Being the first to order the SummerWinds' Introductory Assemble Package, I must say I was a bit skeptical since I had been using another product but not happy with the results I was getting on my 6 month old Yorkie at the time. 

Yorkie Winning

After using the Shine-Onnn Shampoo and Fine-L-Shine Cream Rinse, I was amazed to see how bright her gold appeared and the shine was unbelievable!! Then I followed your recommendation of mixing the Fine L Shine Cream Rinse with the Protect a Coat. Not only does this help repel dirt and preventing mats, it has also helped in growing the coat. I've had so many people ask me what I'm using and I continue to rave about SummerWinds. 


We all know genetics is a big part in the final results, but having a superb product like SummerWinds makes all the difference as well. 

I also want to say that not many companies go above and beyond with giving help and hints such as you have given to me. Thank you again for such wonderful products! 

Here is a picture Mai Tais Sweet Serenity of Lexus winning best puppy in 6-9 month age in Louisville, Kentucky puppy sweeps owner/handled. 

Cindy Betteley

Dear Rosemary & Kathy,

It has now been a little over 7 months since I started using SummerWinds' products on Lexie and I'm beyond thrilled with the results. I'm always asked what products I use on her hair. We are true believers in SummerWinds' Products. Here is Lexie, now at 14 months. 

Thanks again,
Cindy Betteley

Yorkie Dog
Engish Setter In Field
English Setter Show Dog
Springer Dog

Hi Rosemary 

Thank you, Yes thank you so much for all expedite and urgent orders on SummerWinds' Shampoo to Croatia. As you know I've used various shampoos since early 90's always experimenting looking for better. Since we've started using SummerWinds in 2004 I've never used anything else. My Springers has grown, kept and maintained coat better than ever. And only three products that I need to use, Shine-Onnn, Fine-l-Shine and Protect-A-Coat. 

Your fantastic product, SummerWinds' Proct-A-Coat certainly keeps the coat up during winter and summer months. I've been using your products on my client's Bichons, Goldens and Cavaliers with incredible success as well. 

Thank you I have enclose a photos of my most titled ESS of all times Multi Ch. Carousel N The Talking Eyes Inferno and my young dog Ch Otein N talking Eyes Magnitude. 

Keep up the good work and thank you again.



Boris Pegan
The Talčking eyes, Croatia, Europe

Dear Kathleen,

Just a quick note that my Yorkie, Groveshire's Crown Jewel is an official AKC Champion now and we owe it to, amongst many things, but most of all to SummerWinds products ~ they made her a winner in the ring!! I shall send you show shots of her Ch win when they arrive. 


Yorkie Dog

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that we just love the Rest-A-Pet Pup Tent....Lady thinks it is the greatest thing ever. I am going to be moving it outdoors this week...I had it indoors and never once told her to go get on it. She just started getting on it and then later we pitch the tent and she gets in there and just loves it. SO THANK YOU GUYS VERY MUCH FOR WORKING WITH ME AND helping me get this. I hope everyone is doing wonderful over there and keep up the good work. 

Lynn and Lady

Hi Rosemary

Thank you, Thank you

Yes thank you so much for your fantastic product SummerWinds Proct-A-Coat.

I live in the country in Tasmania, Australia and our seasons can be very dry and windy I have been using this product on my Springers for years in our summer everyday and in the Winter twice or three days a week. My Springer "Richman" Gr Ch, Tarnell Mr In Between was one the top Gundog since 2002 and has won the Tasmanian Pedigree show dog of year in 2004 and now 2006 and is the number one Tasmania dog at present at this because he is feed Pedigree and all I use is Summerwinds

Thank you Thank you 
I have enclose a photo at the Pedigree dog of the year only last week 

Keep up the good work, and thank you again



Cindy Gangell

Springer Dog

Hi Rosemary:

I just wanted to drop a note to tell you how wonderful your products are, especially Protect – A – Coat!

My Akita, Gibson, was diagnosed with SA this spring. For a month I did the usual treatment which is baby oil baths folllowed by a wash with dawn dish soap to take the oil off. Most people use this treatment, along with oral supplement, for the life of the dog. It is mess and VERY time consuming.

In the mean time I had purchased several of your products at one of the many dog shows I attended. While reading the labels I thought to myself heck the emollients in your Protect – A – Coat might do as well and not be so greasy. I figured that since this product was created to be left on it just might be easier to use. So, I tried it with wonderful results. I started out with continuing Gibson’s twice weekly baths with Sebolux shampoo but followed with your Protect – A – Coat. I just slathered it on and lightly toweled and left him to dry. I have since started to lengthen the time between baths. So far I am at two weeks and holding. Gibson looks wonderful and now I don’t worry after his bath that he will rub on my furniture and get it greasy from the left over baby oil. Your product has significantly decreased my treatment time and I believe is the reason he has recovered so quickly. He actually has more hair now than he did before he was ill. 

The only other treatment I give is 50,000 IU of Vitamin A and one cap of EFA HP. I also give him the E3AFA 3 times a week. Thank you for recommending it. . I believe the E3AFA product helps but it is difficult to see the direct relationship between his improved condition and the oral products. 

So, thank you for making my dog beautiful again, it means the world to me.



Debra Anibal
Sunrock Akitas

Akita Dog
Akita Dog

These two photos were of Gibson before using SUMMERWinds Protect-A-Coat and the E3 AFA 

Akita Dog

Gibson after 4 weeks of using 
SummerWinds Protect-A-Coat and E3 AFA

Akita Dog

Gibson after 8 weeks of using SummerWinds Protect-A-Coat and the E3 AFA 

Akita Dog

Gibson after 4 months of using SummerWinds Protect-A-Coat and the E3 AFA

Dear Sir/Madam:

I have now been using SummerWinds for the past month on my Maltese and the results are astounding.

I have 3 Maltese and live in the country so I guess you can well imagine how much shampoo and conditioner I use. I have tried just about every product on the market in the passed and there is really nothing that can compare to SUMMERWinds. Bathing and grooming times have been decreased by half enabling me to spend more quality time with my white babies.

Just for interests sake I am enclosing a photograph of my Maltese. I have played around with the photos by joining 3 photos together and I thought perhaps the comparison might interest you.. Two Photographs are very recent and one is slightly older. The two dogs on left were groomed using SummerWinds Cosmetics. The one on the right was groomed using a different but widely used brand of cosmetics. Taking into considerations the reflection of the yellow background, the difference between the two lines of cosmetics is very plain to see. The coats of the two dogs on the left are practically glowing white whilst the coat of the dog on the right looks dull and unclean. Fascinating. 

You certainly may publish anything you wish on your web site with pleasure and I hope it will be a little bit of an inspiration to pet owners who have given up all hope of ever untangling and combing out matt's and having to resort to scissors and sheers in the end. 

Best wishes,

Kveta Matysoea
Czech Republic

Dear Rosemary:

Just wanted you all to know that I am very pleased with your products and your service. Gave you a good rec. on some of my Maltese groups. 

Ashley Bach


3 I G's Dogs

Hello there:

I first would like to say that I absolutely love your shampoo and conditioner. I have been using it on my Yorkies for about 6-8 months now and cannot imagine using anything else. I would love to add a link to your website from mine if you don't mind. If that is okay, do you have a banner that I can use? I'm sure that there are so many people that have no idea about your products. Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Robin Keller

A group of our happy customers singing their praises on their SummerWinds Rest-A-Pet Lounge...

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