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SummerWinds® is a family-owned business for over 43 years and has taken great pride in our many loyal customers, who have helped us achieve success. We attribute a great part of our longevity to the high quality standards of our product line. Our ingredients are the finest available in all of our formulas, and it is fair to say that the SummerWinds® product line has definitely stood the test of time.

Our slogan ‘SummerWinds® – Where Quality is Never an Accident.’ ….


We have serviced the niche show industry; catering to top show dog, horse and cat professionals, breeders, handlers, trainers, groomers and owners from all over the world. This came easy to us because we are the people we sell to. Our genuine passion and love for animals first and second, we also show our own dogs. It was easy to relate to our like thinking customers. In creating SummerWinds® products, we found a need and filled it. We have always been committed to provide only safe, biodegradable state-of–the-art ingredients. SummerWinds® Pet Cosmetics and Supplements that produces the superior results our highly sophisticated client's demands. 


As great and results-proven as our original formulas were, technology brings us to the 21st century with new and innovative cosmetic ingredients. Keeping our customers – and their animals – best interests in mind, in 2012 it was time for SummerWinds® to accommodate improvements in thisage of technology. Fortunately our chemist, who  developed the original SummerWinds® product line over 30 years ago, has created our new and improved formulas. Taking care not to lose any of the greatest aspects of our old formulas, we have modernized and incorporated the improved SummerWinds® formulas with the newest technology in conditioning and cleansing blends. Analogy - this could be compared to a carbureted automobile up-grading to a fuel-injection system providing a more efficient, enhanced performance.


The New (State-Of-The-Art) SummerWinds® Pet Cosmetic product line is now:

  • Lower in Sulfates,

  • Contain No Traces of Silicone,

  • Even Gentler on the Animal’s Skin and Coat, as well as the Human Hands,

  • Emphasis Remains Unchanged on our same 6.5 pH Balanced product line.

  • Highly Concentrated, to Increase Consumer Value.


Most importantly, our mission is that all our SummerWinds® product ingredients are safe to animals. SummerWinds® Pet Cosmetics are absolutely never animal tested and are animal cruelty free and our products all Made in the USA.


We know that you will be impressed and love our New (Improved) SummerWinds® BIS products even better than the original.

a Brand New Look, a face lifts so to speak. 



















SummerWinds® products set apart from the rest of the pack. Our new award ribbon has a different rainbow color that identifies each product and lets the customer know at first glance what product they are using.


We especially wanted the customer to easily identify the order in which three of our go-together products are used by adding to our labels 1st step for Shine Onnn Shampoo (blue ribbon label), 2nd step for Fine-L-Shine Creme Rinse (red ribbon label), and 3rd step for Protect-A-Coat Oil Conditioner (yellow ribbon label). These colors are the same colors as the ribbons for 1st Blue, 2nd Red & 3rd Yellow presented as awards at shows. Because of our long connections to the show industry, we wanted to remind the consumer that these are products used by Top Winning Champion Show Animals as well as loved and cherished pets.


 If you are interested in becoming a SummerWinds® distributor Please contact us. 



Pet Coat Care Products for Show Dogs
Bruce & Rosemary Sutton SummerWinds Family
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