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Bruce & Rosemary Suton of SummerWinds

SummerWinds® is deeply saddened that our founder and CEO, Bruce Sutton passed away on Feb 12, 2003.  He was one of our biggest assets.  Rosemary, Bruce’s partner and wife, is now CEO.

In 1968, Rosemary bought her first Afghan Hound. Her love for the dogs, along with her love for hair, and with her background as a cosmetologist and owning her own salons, in addition to having studied and worked with Vidal Sasson, she created a foundation for the development of product at SummerWinds®.  Rosemary used her personal knowledge to formulate and develop shampoos and conditioners for dogs to include the proper pH balance.   Her products would protect and condition the coats of dogs in a superior but cost effective manner.


As time went on, Bruce and Rosemary opened a gourmet pet food deli, and studied animal nutrition. They spoke at Veterinarian conventions on animal nutrition and supplied meats for the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park., so they developed a Supplement product called Heath-E-Coat.  Their concept was, "you must first have a healthy animal on the inside to grow a healthy coat, once that is done, you must know how to keep and protect the coat healthy as well.  Using the Health-E-Coat on their own Champion Afghan Hounds, allowed them to focus on the necessary nutrients that fed hair. This allowed Rosemary, and SummerWinds®, to achieve and hold the record for the most AKC Champion Afghans ever bred (Over Two Hundred and Fifty Champions!) And not for the first time, Rosemary was the top Afghan Hound breeder in 2002 and again in 2006.  Many times, in the past, SummerWinds' Afghan Hounds have been rated #1 in US standings in prior years was no exception.

Our home bred AM MBIS MSBIS CH SummerWinds Me N Myself N Pamir “Ike” was US 2008 number one Afghan Hound.

The Kerry Blue Terrier, Ch. Torums Scarf Michael "Mick" that won Best In Show at the Westminster in 2003 and Won at a Crufts several years earlier,




is just one of the important and famous dogs that used SummerWinds®' products. 


However great it is to win, to Rosemary, the #1 priority at SummerWinds® is to see that her customer’s pets stay healthy and happy, and that the owners are completely satisfied with all our products and services. We at SummerWinds® are proud to be celebrating our 43rd year anniversary in  business.

Until recently, our products have been sold exclusively at dog shows, to top show dog owners, handler, and breeders.  SummerWinds® is now expanding their market so that all dog owners can give their pets that healthy, show dog look.  We truly understand that just because a person does not exhibit their dog in a competitive arena, does not mean they do not want the same high quality products to use on their dogs.

We believe once you have tried our products, you will agree there are no other quality animal care products like them available.

SummerWinds® are the manufactures of quality pet products since 1981, with world wide distribution. After 43 years of success in the show industry, we are now taking our product line to the pet retail sector, to enable more pet owners to have more access to our superior products.




SummerWinds®'  products are used by some of the world's top winning show dogs, horses and cats. We have primarily serviced the niche' show industry, where our clientele is highly sophisticated and particular of their valuable show animals. We are confident that you will find our products to be beneficial and necessary for an effective superior presentation as we do! We truly understand that just because a person doesn't exhibit their pets in a competitive arena, doesn't mean they don't want the same high quality products to use on their animals.


However great it is to win, "The #1 priority at SummerWinds®  is to see that our customer's pets stay healthy, energetic and live long and happy lives; and that their owners are completely satisfied with all our products and services." 


SummerWinds® is dedicated to working only with environmentally safe and biodegradable products. No laboratory animal tests are conducted on any of our products.


All SummerWinds®' products are proudly made in America. Keeping your dollars in the U.S.A.

Kerry Blue Terrier BIS Winner Westminster


Afghan Hound

Training & Leaning

How to handle your Show Dog 

Original SummerWinds Logo

Grooming for Culy Coated Breeds
There are many breeds of dogs that carry wavy and curly coats. Poodles, Bichons, Portuguese water dogs, Belington’s, Kerry Blue Terriers to name a few. With any coated breed it is very important to condition on a regular bases. 

Bruce & Caleb

The Art of Presenting a Competitive Show Dog.
If you are taking the time to read this, I would presume that you have a dog maybe and Afghan or another long coated breed; or perhaps a curly or harsh wiry and even a short coated breed for that mater. 

SummerWinds Supplements

Nutrition for the Canine
The way to achieve the best results for a beautiful coat on your Afghan hound or any long, short, curly, or harsh coarse coated breed is to have your dog first healthy, clean and well conditioned. Many people will ask me “how do I get a gorgeous coat on my dog?”. I tell them, it starts with a healthy dog.

Made in USA


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