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Blow Away the Competition From the Inside/Out

Family Owned and Operated Since 1981







In Memory of SummerWinds® Founder,

Bruce R. Sutton

SummerWinds®' products are for all breeds of dogs, horses and cats, etc.

All of the products offered on this website are used in our own SummerWinds®' Show Kennel dogs. As owners and breeders of Afghan Hounds and Whippets for over 45 years, we have produced over 375 AKC Show Champions. Our own pet needs, led us on a quest to develop superior pet products (i.e., shampoos, conditioners, pet food supplements, and pet bed lounges). We began offering our SummerWinds®' product for sale in 1981, and have since remained in high demand for the last 39 years. SummerWinds superior high quality, result proven products have stood the test of time, servicing  primarily the niche' show pet industry. SummerWinds clientele are sophisticated consumers that first and foremost demand safe, trustworthy products, that produce promised results. 


SummerWinds®' products are used by some of the world's top winning show dogs, horses and cats. We are confident that you will find our products to be beneficial and necessary for an effective, ultimate presentation as we do! We truly understand that just because a person doesn't exhibit their pets in a competitive arena, doesn't mean they don't want the same high-quality products to use on their animals.


However great it is to win, The #1 priority at SummerWinds®, is to see that our customers' pets stay healthy, energetic and live long, happy lives, and that their owners are completely satisfied with all of our products and services.


SummerWinds®' is dedicated to working only with environmentally safe and biodegradable products. No laboratory animal tests are conducted on any of our products.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Summerwinds Founder, Bruce Sutton
Made in USA

Just a few satisfied SummerWinds® customer and their Testimonials and Endorsements

SW Product Line Group 32 oz #22016-07-06




We have some very exciting news at SummerWinds®. We have re-branded with a totally fresh look. We have also re-formulated many of our products, as well as brought on some brand-new product items. 

The New (State-Of-The-Art) SummerWinds® BIS Pet Cosmetic and Supplements product line are now:

  • Lower in Sulfates,

  • Contain No Traces of Silicone,

  • Even Gentler on the Animal’s Skin and Coats, as well as the Human Hands,

  • Emphasis Remains Unchanged on our same 6.5 pH Balanced product line.

  • Highly Concentrated, to Increase Consumer Value.

We know that you will be impressed and love our New (Improved) SummerWinds® products even better than the original.

For more information click here


SummerWinds® New and Improved Product Line
"Whether you" fur babies are PET or Show we"ve got something for them"


SummerWinds® Switch System

Switch-up your clean routine for superior full-body sheen!

By switching around your grooming routine, you will create gravity-defying, lift-boosting results for superior full-body sheen without adding any volumizing products.

SummerWinds® NoMor-I-Stain Powder Supplement

Safe and Natural. No harmful antibiotics or chemicals. Works by addressing the problem from the inside out. For animals whose eyes constantly water and stain the eye area. Fight red yeast and fur staining around the eyes, feet and mouth area.

SummerWinds® NoMor-I-Stain Topical

SummerWinds NoMor-I-Stain Topical Remover is a topical, gentle, water-based, wiping solution for removing tear and saliva stains from your pet’s fur. Helps unsightly stains for beautiful, healthy eyes and coat. May be used on a regular basis.

SummerWinds® Essential-4-Cats

Essential-4-Cats ensure house cats receive this essential amino acid. Cats in the wild naturally get Taurine in their diet from hunted raw food. House cats suffer from a Taurine deficiency when placed on a cooked or commercial diet. Taurine is essential for cats to maintain electrolyte balance, cardiovascular health, gastrointestinal function as well as normal vision.

SummerWinds® Cats-Breath-Well

Cats-Breath-Well is an immunity health supplement aimed at maintaining optimal health and supporting normal recovery.

SummerWinds® Rids-All-Odors

SummerWinds' RIDS-ALL-ODORS - Super Concentrated Odor Eliminator

Switch System Step 1 Fine-L-Shine 16 oz
Switch System Step 2 Shine Onnn Shampoo
NoMor-I-Stain Powder Supplement 8 os & 1
NoMor-I-Stain Group Powder & Topical.jpg
Essential-4-Cats 1 lb.jpg
Cats-Breath-Well 8 oz - 2.jpg
Rids-All-Odors Trial.jpg



Newly formulated state-of-the-art SummerWinds®' Pet Shampoos are lower in sulfates, no silicone, gentle on animal's skin and coats, and highly concentrated.

Poodle in Robe and Curles
Dog Apparel
SummerWinds' Supplements


SummerWinds®' Apparel is unique with one-of-a-kind designs, sewn by our very own seamstress. Product line designed with the Show Industry in mind. Pee-Vests, Snoods, Front & Rear Leggings, Male Pee Belts, and much, much more.

SummerWinds' Res-A-Pet Lounges


SummerWinds®' Pet Beds/Lounges offer nothing but the best in materials and construction. Strong and durable. Available in Vinyl and Textylene fabric for indoor or outdoor use. We also make them for making the kennel crates more comfortable, known as Crate-A-Lounges.

Whelping Mother


Signed & Numbered


Afghan Hound “Jet” by world renowned wild life artist Bill Adair. Bill’s acrylic and airbrush technique translates flawlessly in photographic reproduction, we are offering signed and numbered limited edition prints for sale. There are still a few of the first 10 prints available from the edition. They are large 28” X 22” on Fuji Deep Matte paper. Bill has sprayed each print with a semi-gloss coating to give the prints more texture and bring out the vivid colors for deeper clarity behind a glass frame. This artwork is a must have addition to your Afghan Hound art collection.

SummerWinds Vault
SummerWinds Awards

SummerWinds®' Vault


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  • And much more!

Advice and Tips to be able to Compete with the Pro's with e-Article Archives

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"Finest Afghan Hound Website" Award!" was selected for its excellence in Afghan hound information and/or breeding services and proves to be one of the top areas on the net for knowledge on this topic by is a leading resource on the web for many dog related issues and has over 40000 visitors per month (and growing), it is a well respected site and aims to make the canine presence on the web feel more like a community, involving smaller sites rather than letting corporate companies with big budgets take over the friendly feel of the dog community.

SummerWinds Affiliate Dog-Behavior-Training

In a World of Ordinary,

only the most

Distinctive will Leave a

Lasting Impression!

Fresian Quest

Friesian Quest, LLC

Top Winning Friesians

Horse of the Year Titles In Dressage, Driving, Hunt Seat, In-hand, Saddle Seat & Specialty

2005, 2006 & 2007 United States Equestrian Federation 
Leading Friesian Breeder

2005 & 2006 United States Equestrian Federation 
Leading Friesian Owner

Friesian Quest
Tammy & Robert Hildreth DVM
Recommends, Endorses and Uses SummerWinds Products.

Remington Champion Black Persian

GP Mieuxmew's 

Black Persian


Sire: GC Mieuxmew's 
Teddy Boy

Dam: CG Mieuxmew's 

GP Planika Dumbledore

GP Planika 

Rare Black Smoke Persian


Sire: GC, DW Palmettos 
Dakota of Planika
Dam: Palmetto's 
Southern Belle of Planika

GC, DW, GP Planika Don Juan

GC, DW, GP Planika 
Don Juan

Rare Black Smoke Persian


Sire: GC, DW Palmettos 
Dakota of Planika
Dam: Planika 
La Vie En Rose

Top Winning Persians 
From the Legendary Cattery's of Palmetto/Planika

Owner: Cathy Bower
Photos By: Chanan 
Recommends, Endorses and Uses SummerWinds Products.

SummerWinds Testimonials
SummerWins Distributors
Made in USA
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