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Border Collie with a Bone


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Pee Vest: 

Protect loin and brisket coat from getting wet and urine stained. Vest securely fastens around the neck and between the front legs, then covers the entire underneath area and fastens over the back. Including...Matching Snood, protects long ears from dirt, dampness, & food. For maximum protection, we suggest that you combine the vest with the front leggings (sold separately)! (Snoods also sold separately.) Assortment of color and patterns, brocade with embellishments and plain.


Beautiful Brocade Snoods with embellishments, What's a snood? It goes over their head and holds the ears from going into their mouth and maybe eaten, protects to ear coat on long coated breeds from from dirt, dampness, & food.


Leggings protect the back part or the males front legs from getting urine on their coat when the lift their legs and unmeant. Also used for females with long coat on their rears legs from getting urine on their back legs and skirts.

Bitch Britches: 

For females when they come into season to protect their coat from staining and soiling furniture or carpets, etc. Can also be used for inconstant dogs. This is always a stressful time for your female dog, so make her feel beautiful and fashionable... with matching snoods.


All of our appeal is one of a kind designs, that we have in stock at the time of your order, and has been custom made!. We just have photo examples of products, but we can not guarantee that the same fabric and embellishment is still available at the time of your order. Our seamstress work is nothing less than excellent quality and she is very creative, and always finds the finest quality fabrics and designs and embellishments available at the time. So, when you place your order we will contract you to ask about your dogs color, and your favorite colors on him or her...And then send you photos of what products that are available at the time you order for you to choose from. Any notes you can provide to us when ordering will be of always very helpful. We very much appreciate your business and will do our best to please you and make your dog a stylish fashionista!!!



Our special diapers are the perfect answer for females in season or older female incontinence (to be used with "panty liners"). Also great for house breaking training. Protects your furniture and carpets. Available in 5 adjustable sizes - X Small, Small, Medium, Large & X Large. All are made with a combination of Decorative outer fabric in different animal print (exterior) and rip-stop nylon (interior). Slit for tail. A wide variety of animal printed fabric are available but specific pattern and color selection is not possible. Soft, durable yet comfortable these are machine washable (please close the Velcro) and most dogs do not object to wearing this lightweight non-restrictive garment.


Hot Pants:

Housebreaking Problems?

We have a new product that can help!

Protect carpets, floors, and other interior surfaces!
Now, pet owners can protect their house from stains and spotting, even with show breeding stud dogs marking, by outfitting their animals with a simple and practical accessory.

Availiable in both Female and Male options.


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Afghan Hound “Jet”:


Afghan Hound “Jet” by world renowned wild life artist Bill Adair 

Bill’s acrylic and airbrush technique translates flawlessly in photographic reproduction, we are offering signed and numbered limited edition prints for sale. There are still a few of the first 10 prints available from the edition. They are large 28” X 22” on Fuji Deep Matte paper. Bill has sprayed each print with a semi-gloss coating to give the prints more texture and bring out the vivid colors for deeper clarity behind a glass frame. This artwork is a must have addition to your Afghan Hound art collection

Breeding Herbs:

Breeding Herbs, SAB, SAS, ERW, LAM, BNW, IMG_0605.JPG


Breeding Auxiliary:


Sure-A-Season, 6oz,

Herbal Blend

Exclusively formulated for the mother-to-be

Helps aid in nutritional requirements during the season and gestation of your pet

It is formulated to assist in fertility, heat cycles, carrying pups to term and whelping. A nutritional herbal supplement for bitches during the pre-heat periods. Especially recommended for birth with irregular heat cycles and conception complications. Give Sure-A-Season 4 to 6 weeks prior to her anticipated season.

Ingredients: Kelp Granules, Zinc Sulfate, Red Raspberry Leaf Powder, Licorice Root Powder, Silica Powder, Agmor All Flavor, Vitamin A





Easy-R-Whelp, 6 oz

Herbal Blend

Exclusively formulated for the mother-to-be

Helps aid in the nutritional demands of gestation and whelping of your pet

It is for use during pregnancy and whelping, and also aids in the ease of delivery. A nutritional herbal supplement for bitches during the whelping and lactation periods. To help relax and tone the uterine muscles during gestation.

Ingredients: Kelp Granules, Maltodextrin, Red Raspberry Leaf Powder, Zinc Sulfate, Fennel Seed Powder, Marshmallow Root Powder, Silica Powder, Flavoring



Lots-A-Milk. 6 oz

Herbal Blend

Exclusively formulated for the mother-to-be

Helps aid in the nutritional requirements for milk production of your pet's lactating period

It prepares the milk glands for nursing and increases milk flow and aids in milk production.

Ingredients: Kelp, Dried Marshmallow Root, Dried Fennel Seed Powder, Zinc Sulfate, Silica Powder, Flavor


Bitch-N-Whelp, 6 oz

A Nutritional Supplement

FOR DOGS & CATS with special Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, and Enzymes for the mother-to-be breeding female during pre-heat, heat, gestation, whelping and lactation periods of the breeding process.


Extra Long Pet Grooming Rake- -t865RK.tif


Extra Long Pet Grooming Shedding Rake

Extra long 1-¼ Inch Rotating STAINLESS STEEL Teeth for long, thick, tangled hair. Strong, comfortable handle. Great for horses and dogs.

Mini Hair Rake for Dogs & Cats T821RK.tif


Mini Hair Rake for Dogs and Cats - V Shaped

Special angle formation of Rotating STAINLESS STEEL Teeth (1 inch long), for hard-to-reach areas. Comfortable and easy-to-hold handle. Great for cats, dogs, Llamas, Alpacas & horses.

T712BC-Groom Brush-png.png


Grooma Groomer Brush

Special angle formation of Rotating STAINLESS STEEL Teeth (1 inch long), for hard-to-reach areas. Comfortable and easy-to-hold handle. Great for cats, dogs, Llamas, Alpacas & horses.

T713BC-Soft Groom Brush-png.png


Grooma™ Sof-Touch Brush -

The Grooma Soft Touch™ Pet Hair Brush by Untangler™ is great on smooth coats, short-haired dogs, cats, or rabbits. While bathing to polish and shine skin and hair. Great for a Afghans saddle. It provides a wonderful massage, and is a great way to bond with your pet. 

Crate Pads Covers:

 Clearance $ALE:

Crate Pad Covers from $5.00 - $9.00 - BELOW COST, While They Last!

CRATE PAD COVERS (Foam Padding not included - Cover Only!) Less cost to ship covers only and you can purchase form padding to go into them.

Crate Pads for inside crates. Fits on top of the Crate-A-Lounge for extra comfort for your dog. Two part crate pad, 1 1/2 inner foam. Cover is made of Cordura a very strong and durable fabric, that is cloth like out outside and vinyl on inside. They are comfortable for the animals to lay on and don't damage coat and also water proof. Removable cover. Machine washable. No bulky stuffing to wash & dry. Stays in place.

Pet Organics:

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Bitter Yuck-No-Chew

Odorless, water-based, TASTES YUCKY!

Yuck-No-Chew is an odorless, water-based (NO alcohol!), non-sticky and easy to apply spray that will stop animals from chewing or licking on any number of problem areas. The new water-based and colorless formula stops Yuck-No-Chew from evaporating too quickly and staining. Spray Yuck-No-Chew once or twice daily until the offending habits are broken. Stop Animals from chewing on: Bandages, Manes, Tails, Blankets, Hot Spots, Summer Itch, Wounds, Furniture, Sores, Wood, Legs, Leg Wounds The Advantages of Yuck-No-Chew Inexpensive, Non-staining, Odorless, TASTES YUCKY!, Easy to Apply, H20-Based with NO alcohol, Won't Sting Your Pet (alcohol stings when applied to wounds or hot spots)

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Catnip Spray


A specially formulated blend of herbal and catnip essentials. When sprayed onto designated areas, it pleases and delights cats.



Fast Bath for Dogs & Cats

FAST BATH For Dogs & Cats

When there’s no time for a trip to the groomer


Give your dog or cat a bath in just minutes. All natural and safe to use on puppies and kittens. Simply spray on and wipe off. Self-drying in just minutes.

*Quick & Easy
*Less Stress for Pets
*Eliminates Order

*Light Fresh Fragrance


Dr. Goodpet Ear Relief


Keeping your dog's or cat's ears clean is a common chore faced by every pet owner.

Now, effective and natural help is available. This natural remedy is formulated to keep the ear canal clean and reduce ear odor, ear wax, and dirt. It is simple to administer. Fill the ear canal, using the handy dropper cap, massage the base of the ears and then let your pet shake its head... finished! The procedure can be performed twice a month for good ear maintenance or more often if necessary.

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No Dig!

Lawn & Yard Spray that Helps Train Dogs Not to Dig. An all natural herbal and plant compound with special essentials oils. Harmless to pets, people, plants and grass. Leaves a light scent that discourages pets from digging.

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No Go!

Housebreaking Aid for PetsAn effective aid in preventing pets from re-urinating on carpets while being housebroken. Not a repellent. No Go eliminates the urine scent. Also works on indoor plants!

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No Mark!

Stops Cats’ Desire to Urine Mark


Both male and female cats spray. Un-neutered males are the biggest offender, followed by un-spayed females in season. Most often marking occurs due to the environmental stresses such as a new home. No Mark removes all urine marking odors, including pheromone body scents from all surfaces where cats mark.

Housebreaking Aid for PetsAn effective aid in preventing pets from re-urinating on carpets while being housebroken. Not a repellent. No Go eliminates the urine scent. Also works on indoor plants!



No Scratch!

Helps train your cat not to scratch furniture, carpets and drapes.​

  • Save De-Clawing

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No Stay!

rains pets to stay off of the furniture and other places where they should not be. Simply sprays lightly on areas where pets are not desired. When used as directed it discourages pets from returning to the treated area.


Pet Stopper

Spray for Plants and Shuddery

Helps protect flower seeds, tree trunks, shrubs and lawn patches from pet urination and excretion. Harmless to humans, pets or vegetation when used as directed. Simply spray on.



Off Limits!!! 32 oz.

Off Limits!!!Keeps Pets Away Naturally. Natural herbs create an invisible shield. Can be used for Trash Cans, Sand Box, Gardens, Shrubs, Etc.



Grass Saver

Imagine how green your lawn can be!

GrassSaver is an all natural food supplement containing B-Complex vitamins, amino acids, and biotin. It helps neutralize the pH of your pet´s urine so that it will no longer "burn" or "discolor" lawns. For Dogs ONLY.

Supplements for Cats:

Cats-Breath-Well 8 oz - 2_edited.jpg


SummerWinds Cats-Breathe-Well 8oz.


SummerWinds Cats-Breath-Well

  • Cats-Breath-Well treats conditions responsive to L-lysine

  • Helps cats with FVR, FHV-1 and Rhinotracheitis

  • Supports the immune system and normal respiratory health

  • Helps maintain normal eye health and function

  • Helps remove toxins and free radicals from the body

Cats-Breath-Well is an immunity health supplement aimed at maintaining optimal health and supporting normal recovery.

Cats-Breath-Well, L-lysine powder supplement for cats, treats symptoms of Feline Viral Rhinopneumonitis (FVR), Rhinotracheitis Virus and Feline Herpesvirus Type 1 (FHV-1) and other nonspecific upper respiratory infections.

Cats-Breath-Well with L-lysine helps relieve cat's runny nose, sneezing and watery eyes associated with upper respiratory conditions.

L-lysine is probably the most important amino acid nutritional supplement you can give your cat. It supports the immune system, normal respiratory health, eye health and function, tissue repair and acts as an antioxidant, removing toxins and free radicals from the body


Essential-4-Cats 1 lb_edited_burned.png


SummerWinds Essential-4-Cats 1 lb


SummerWinds Essential-4-Cats

  • Essential-4-Cats is needed to maintain overall health in cats and kittens

  • Taurine supports heart health, digestive function as well as normal vision in felines

  • Cats getting cooked foods or commercially processed foods need Taurine

  • Essential-4-Cats is water soluble and easy to feed

  • Contains Taurine in a Maltodextrin powder

Essential-4-Cats ensure house cats receive this essential amino acid. Cats in the wild naturally get Taurine in their diet from hunted raw food. House cats suffer from a Taurine deficiency when placed on a cooked or commercial diet. Taurine is essential for cats to maintain electrolyte balance, cardiovascular health, gastrointestinal function as well as normal vision.

Supplement Essential-4-Cats as needed to support your feline's overall health.


Supplements for Dogs:



SummerWinds Travel Tablets


Travel Tabs are digestible tablets, containing living lactobacillus acidophilus to condition the intestinal tract of warm-blooded animals and adult animals of all ages. It resupplies living beneficial bacteria to the digestive system whenever stressful situations accrue...such as:
Parvo Virus Symptoms
Corona Virus Symptoms
Pre & Post Surgical Stress
Worming Stress
Whelping Stress
Antibiotic Therapy
Animal Shipment
Animal Transport/Travel
Change in Diet & Water
Show Stress
Work Stress (racing, etc.)
Training Stress
Grooming Stress
Boarding Stress
Inoculation Stress
Weaning Stress
New Environment Stress




Brewer´s Yeast and Garlic Tabs


Excellent Natural Source of B-complex

Taste appealing garlic is an excellent natural source of B-complex vitamins & protein. Low in fat, & fortified with B-1, B-2, niacin & antioxidants.

Arthri Soothe_edited_edited_burned.png




Natural Joint Supplement!

ArthriSooth is a natural supplement for dogs and cats, providing the best joint health support that nature has to offer! ArthriSooth contains the following:

  • Chondroitin Sulfate, a GAG (GlycosaminoGlycans) supplier for rebuilding cartilage and synovial fluid. NaturVet uses only the highest quality Chondroitin Sulfate with a 90% or higher GAG content.

  • Green Lipped Mussel, which supplies amino acids and trace minerals that help to rebuild synovial fluid, collagen, and proteoglycans.

  • Yucca Schidigera Extract, Boswellia Serrata, Ester C (highly potent)



Grass Saver


Imagine how green your lawn can be!

GrassSaver is an all natural food supplement containing B-Complex vitamins, amino acids, and biotin. It helps neutralize the pH of your pet´s urine so that it will no longer "burn" or "discolor" lawns. For Dogs ONLY.

Pleasant Breath Plus_edited_edited.jpg


Pleasant Breath



Stop Doggie-Breath in its Tracks!

Stops stool eating. Eliminates body odor. Eliminates bad breath. Reduces stool & urine odor.

Supplements for Cats & Dogs:

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E3 Live AFA


For You AND Your Pet!

There´s only one ingredient in E-3 Live, and that´s 100% Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, a fresh water, edible species of nutritional algae. We call it AFA for short. Its at the very foundation of the entire food chain. In crease energy, stamina, Enhance brain function, Increase mental focus, Balance blood sugar levels, Decrease insulin requirements, Support youthful appearance, Maintain healthy cholesterol levels, Reverse or delay premature aging by repairing cellular damage. Increase clarity & sharpness of eyesight, Alleviate depression & reduce mood swings. This is a human grade product for all warm blooded animals.


Quiet Moments - Calming Aid for Dogs & Cats - 30 Chewable Tablets


Quiet Moments offers support to your pet during periods of anxiety, nervousness, tension, stress and agitation.We recommend Quiet Moments for:

  • Traveling

  • Visiting the Vet

  • Visiting a kennel or groomer

  • Great for Storms and Fireworks

Quiet Moments is a safe and effective method to calm you pet. For use in dogs only over the age of 12 weeks.



Calm Down! For Dogs & Cats



Natural Calming Aid

A harmless, safe, gentle homeopathic remedy! A natural blend of essences from selected flowers that work gently with no side effect. A Veterinarian approved aid that helps pets through stressful times such as:



*Home Alone

*4th of July


*Kennel Stays