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Caretakers Lovers Of Animal Kingdom

Bruce Sutton The Founder Of SummerWinds® BIS LLC

I would like to share with you who have shown how much you loved and cared for, Bruce. I do so appreciate it.

Bruce as so many of you know, was a true animal lover. Not just for a blue ribbon, but just because he loved the little creatures.

He always had a dream that someday he could start a foundation to help other people who love all animals and want to share their generous love by caring for animals. He wanted this foundation to financially aid the rescue and care of creatures when others could not or would not.

His idea was to have those with big hearts, large manufacturers and such who profit from their companies in the pet industry, to donate funds that would be given to those who rescue all types of animals.


Since Bruce's passing, I have hunted high and low for this logo he had done for his dream foundation that he would call CLOAK. Our friend Martha found it and sent it to me. This is now my dream, to make CLOAK a reality.

Bruce's Vision

This is one of my favorite pictures of Bruce. We were on a yacht and the owner said don't feed the seagulls they will "you know what" on my boat. Well, I looked up and there Bruce was feeding the seagulls and I had my camera. That's my Bruce, loving his animals.

   Rosemary Sutton

Bruce Sutton Feeding Seaguls
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