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Pet Advice: Learn to Be a Pet Parent to a Senior Dog

Updated: May 7

Author: Cindy Aldridge

Image via Pexels Pet Advice: Learn to Be a Pet Parent to a Senior Dog As your pet ages, you may notice various changes. They may slow down or have more difficulty engaging in playtime. As your pet ages, they can still live a fulfilling life. Learning how to care for a senior dog can make both of your lives better. With that in mind, here are some tips and resources from SummerWinds to help you do just that. Start With Veterinary Care Talk to your vet before you start a senior care regimen for your pet. Older dogs may require more vet visits than younger ones. Senior dogs have a higher risk of developing chronic illnesses, cancer, arthritis, and other disorders. With regular veterinarian care, you can make sure you catch the problems early. The vet can help you determine what food to feed your pet and what medications they may need to take in later adulthood. Learn the proper way to administer medication from the vet. You can insert the syringe behind the canine to the dog's tongue for liquid medication. Praise your dog as you administer the medicine to help him associate it positively. Invest in Pet Insurance As pet owners, it’s easy to love our furry companions, but as they age, vet bills can become a major expense. Pet insurance helps to lessen the financial burden associated with care for older pets and allows us to provide the best of care without worrying about breaking the bank. From helping protect against expensive treatments for unforeseen illnesses or injuries to being able to take advantage of preventive care plans, pet insurance can really make a difference in helping senior pets be happy, healthy and with their families longer. Get recommendations on finding California pet insurance by reading online reviews. Keep in mind that many policies have caps on a pet’s age. Maintain Your Pet's Hygiene Bathe your dog regularly for your pup's and your home's sake. Over time, the dog's odor can linger in your home. For dogs with long hair, bathing helps control tangles and mats. With your senior dog, make sure they can make it into the bathtub or where you plan to wash them. You may have to lift him carefully. For large dogs with severe mobility issues, it may be easier to enlist the help of a groomer to bathe them. Use high-quality, nice-smelling shampoos with no harsh ingredients that could irritate sensitive skin. For pups with dry skin, consider moisturizing shampoos. Oatmeal and aloe vera shampoos have anti-itch and soothing properties. Take Care of Yourself You cannot give your pet the best life possible if you feel under stress or too much pressure. Work stress affects your life, including your relationship with your pet. Dogs pick up on human stress and it can cause anxiety and nervousness in your pet. Try to limit stress in yourself and your dog as much as possible. If possible, consider working from home at least twice a week to spend time with your furry family member. Consider meditation as a way to relieve stress daily. During meditation, you have to focus on the present. You cannot ruminate about the past or the future. Find a place where you can have peace to sit, reflect and meditate before you start your day. Find a Pet Sitter If you cannot stay home from work, consider a pet sitter for the job. According to the experts, finding a reliable pet sitter requires locating a person with good reviews and experience that you can trust upon meeting. Make sure to introduce your dog to the sitter before hiring them. A pet sitter can give your dog company throughout the day. He or she can also take your pup on regular walks. Let your sitter know your dog's age and their limitations. Most senior dogs still require daily walks and physical activity. Still, you should keep them short and not push a dog into physical activity that may be painful or uncomfortable. To care for your senior dog, you need to pay special attention to their ailments and discover how they react to different situations. Ensure you always administer medication properly, limit stress, and keep him clean to avoid other health problems. SummerWinds offers high quality products for all breeds of dogs, horses and cats. Let us know if you have any questions!

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