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Products And Things That Damage Coats The Most…

1. Shampoo is one of the most important selections you will make in choosing the right grooming products. Continue shampooing without restoring the pH balance with a cream rinse acidifier, such as Summerwinds Fine-L-Shine Cream Rinse, will cause the cuticle layer on the shaft of the hair to open resulting in dry, dull, brittle hair and breakage will occur because the chemical makeup of the shampoo itself is made with an alkaline base. I will say it again, hair and skin are acid and do not like to be in an alkaline condition. Especially with harsh shampoos formulated for human’s pH instead of dog’s pH. For this reason, SummerWinds spent countless hours of extensive research development of all of our SummerWinds shampoo formulas. Our shampoo line features shampoo's and baths we feel are the 4 essential shampoo's needed to maintaining a competitive show coat.

The Dirty Dog Solution

NEW Improved Formula Lower Sulfates Uncovers Hidden Highlights Brightens with UV Optical Agents Gently Conditions Adds Sheen

Controls Static

Dilutes up to 18 to 1 Shine Onnn Shampoo is formulated with a balanced blend of lower sulfate and performance-enhanced conditioning ingredients. Contains optical brighteners with ultra violet absorbers and whitening agents for a bright, healthy shine on any color coat. Luxuriously sudsing, 6.5pH balanced, non-irritating. Contains no harsh chemicals, salts, bleaches or peroxide. Removes stains, and cleans without stripping. Uncovers those hidden highlights! May dilute as high as 18-to-1.

Removes Build-up on all Coats.

Low Sulfate.

pH Balanced.

Formulated with a balanced blend of lower sulfate and performance-enhanced conditioning ingredients. Effective in removing product buildup or any accumulation buildup on the hair shaft. It is formulated not to deep cleanse so thoroughly as to remove any natural oils and moisture in the hair and shine or residue from conditioning agents in shampoos and conditioners that we want to remain on the hair shaft. Along with maintaining the same 6.5 pH balance that is mild and gentle as all the other shampoos in our

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Using SummerWinds REMOVE-A-WAY Clarifying Pet Shampoo ASAP..


Clarifying shampoos are designed to remove stubborn build-up from your pets coat such as silicones, waxes, moisturizers, from your regular shampoo, conditioners, styling product, hair oils, mousses, hairsprays, dry shampoo. And they help to lift away mineral deposits from hard water and chlorine, even environments air pollution and chemicals that build up on the hair shaft. BUT, Most clarifying shampoo products contain acetic acid. A chemical compound, though mild as far as acid goes, is known for its de-scaling abilities. As necessary as it is to keep the hair shaft clear of buildup it can be very difficult to find a clarifying shampoo that won't cause more harm than benefit. Many clarifying shampoos are not known for their conditioning abilities. With an improper formulation and harsh stripping agents in the ingredients some clarifying shampoos are great for aiding in the removal of unwanted buildup of oil, styling products, and other grime, but also remove the natural oils in hair and skin, leaving the hair dull and dry out. We at SummerWinds have worked long and hard on formulating our Remove-A-Way Clarifying Shampoo. Finally arriving with a perfect answer to how to remove buildup with a mild formula is our Remove-A-Way Clarifying Shampoo is effective in removing product buildup or any accumulation buildup on the hair shaft. It is formulated not to deep cleanse so thoroughly as to remove any natural oils and moisture in the hair and skin or residue from conditioning agents in shampoos and conditioners that we want to remain on the hair shaft. Along with maintaining the same 6.5 pH balance that is mild and gentle as all the other shampoos in our SummerWinds® line.


Protect your pet!

Super Concentrated NEW Improved Formula Lower Sulfates pH Balanced Brightens with UV Optical Agents Uncovers Hidden Highlights Gently Conditions Adds Sheen Controls Static Non-Pesticide Take-A-Hike contains a unique blend of ALL NATURAL with Preventive Natural Oils and Nuisance Eliminators of Eucalyptus oil, Cedarwood oil, Pennyroyal oil, Borax, to name a few. For the use as an aid in keeping pets free from skin & coat pests. NON TOXIC INGREDIENTS.

Take-A-Hike starts with our same base show shampoo in Shine-Onnn 6.5 pH balanced to the dog's pH. Great to use as a show groom, leaves coast shinny and bright. Can be used before and after showing, where the dog can be exposed to nuisances from contract with animal that might be infested. Toxic Ingredients and Poisons can be absorbed through the skin and enter into the blood stream and be pumped through the vital organs which can shortening the longevity of the animal.

Stop-N-Itch Bath Stop the Itching - Start the healing pH Balanced Relieves Itching Deodorizes For: Hot Spots, Dermatitis Skin Allergies, Rashes, Sores SummerWinds' STOP-N-ITCH BATH temporarily helps relieve itching while helping to prevent licking, chewing & biting of irritated skin.

FOR DOGS, CATS (PUPPIES/KITTENS OVER 6 WEEKS OF AGE), AND HORSES. Help relieve itching due to shin problems that may be caused by hot spots, flea bites, dermatitis, rashes and skin allergies, Regular bathing, plus the use of STOP-N-ITCH LOTION on all areas of inflammation will provide relief from the intense itching of bacterial skin infections. In addition to antiseptic action, it is a very effective deodorant shampoo and an excellent grooming aid. STOP-N- ITCH BATH provides thorough cleansing action and removes dirt without stripping natural oils. It rinses easily and helps to control static electricity (fly away coat). STOP-N-ITCH BATH is an antiseptic shampoo that is recommended to use on dogs, cats and horses over 6 weeks of age. For treatment of external skin disorders, and antiseptic use: Allow ten minutes of contact time and rinse completely. Repeat bathing semi-weekly or weekly and apply SummerWinds' STOP-N-ITCH LOTION.


2. All shampoo's should be followed with a Cream Rinse Conditioner to help restore the pH balance of the hair and skin.

Adds body and sheen in just 60 seconds!

Super Concentrated NEW Improved Formula Dilutes up to 16 to 1 Lubricating & Detangling Anti-Static Control Anionic Properties Performance Enhanced SummerWinds' Fine-L-Shine restorative crème rinse contain unique state-of the-art conditioning and anionic properties. Non-greasy detangling, improves dry comb and fly away, while building volume and sheen. A super-concentrated conditioner with sudsing, moisture-rich ingredients adding strength, body to the coat in just 60 seconds. Coat feels thicker and easily untangles. Formulated for all types of coats--especially effective on dry, dull coats damaged by the sun, harsh shampoos and blow drying. Dilutes up to 28-1. Ready-to-use or can be diluted. pH balanced.


3. Blow Drying hair with extreme heat, and not protecting the hair first with a thermal protector.

4. Chemically treated hair, such as tinting, perming, and straightening, hardwater build, hairspray's, etc., etc.. without using reconstructive conditioner.


STEP 3 or 1 2 3 Treatment.

The ultimate in maintenance conditioning!

A highly concentrated conditioner, restores pH balance while protecting, repairing and increasing elasticity and strengthening hair. This treatment will help close the cuticle layer, reflecting light for the healthy shine we all want while also helping to prevent matting. Protect-A-Coat with sunscreen also helps in preventing color fade damage. Easily washes out with one application of a gentle 6.5pH balanced shampoo such as Shine-Onnn, Remove-A-Way, Take-A-Hike, or Stop-N-Itch..

Of course, everyone would like to know how to exactly mix formula rascal to use Protect-A-Coat for their breed of animal or length of coat, their breed or mix breed. But, it's not quite as easy as that....

First, the environment your animal live in, i.e. does you animal live indoors, on carpet, nylon, wool, etc., tile, wood, concrete, etc.. Or does your animal live outdoors, is her/she one concert, pavers, gravel, dirt, grass, or any other surfaces? Or both indoors and outdoors> But, no matter, please know you can never mix it wrong! If, you's not enough product per racial of water dilution the first time, NOT, to worries, next time add more product and less water. No matter how you decide to dilute Protect-A-Coat, you can never do it wrong... Your animals coat will always benefit from it's conditioning agents. It's sort or a trail, and error process for each animal for each breed, until you find just the right dilution for each of your animals for your breed or their particular coat and of course you animals coat and the coat condition..

5. Sun, UV rays without using sunscreen (i.e., Summerwinds Protect A Coat Oil Conditioner with sunscreen.) We highly recommend you use SummerWinds Protect- A- Coat in conjunction with SummerWinds Shine Onnn Shampoo & SummerWinds Fine-L-Shine Cream Rinse Conditioner and Summerwinds Protect-A-Coat Oil Conditioner for that 123 TREATMENT!

5. Chlorine, some dogs will swim daily in swimming pools. Using Summerwinds Protect-A-Coat Oil Conditioner will protect the hair from the harsh chlorine results.

6. Hair sprays, bodifiers, texturizers, moose products that give hair body.

7. Grooming tools (i.e., brushes with metal pins that are not used correctly.)

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