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Secrets Revealed: How Your Long Haired Feline Can Compete With The Pro's

EVA PORAT - SummerWinds Distributor, Sweden

International FIFe Judge in Category 1 and 2

Eva Porat

Taropaves Cattery

"I’m a SummerWinds distributor in Sweden. I have two pet shops in different cities, Örebro and Karlstad. I started my business in 1988.

I do a lot of grooming lectures all over the world. For example, I’ve have had lectures in Brazil, Poland, Iceland and of course Sweden.

I have been using SummerWinds shampoo and conditioner since early 1980’s and I recommend it to all cat breeds. And of course, dogs... For me SummerWinds brings out the best of the cats coat and I use it on all my cats which gives super result on shows."

Eva Porat has gained world-wide recognition and respect as a breeder and exhibitor of her chosen breed the Sacred Birman.

Eva knows the importance of using high quality grooming products that are safe, gentle, low in sulfates, and pH balanced to produce that competitive edge. She understands the importance of a nutritionally balance diet and supplements -- providing optimum health from the in-side-out.

We at SummerWinds are grateful and proud to have Eva represent and endorse our SummerWinds product line to all cat and dog breeds.

EVA PORAT - SummerWinds Distributor, Sweden

These are just few beautiful example of excellent breed type of Eva's top winning cats groomed and conditioned in SummerWinds products for that extra competitive edge.

National Winner, Supreme champion, Distinguished Show Merit (Best in Show at least 10 times during at least two years) Cat of The Year 2014 all breeds in Sweden Her name is: NW SC S*Linéahuset’s Sweet Midori, DSM Owner: Eva Porat Breeder: Ewa Hagel Photo: Kicki Thenberg

Seal point female 6 years old

World Winner, Supreme Premier, Grand International Champion, Distinguish Show Merit, Distinguish Variety Merit Maharajah nominated for Best in Show in Finland on the World Show 2018

The cats name: WW13 SP GIC S*Linéahuset’s Maharajah DSM DVM

Breed Chocolate Point Sacred Birman Owner: Eva Pora

Breeder: Ewa Hagel Photo: Greta Grönberg

Maharajah is chocolate point, 10 years old

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