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Dog Owners: Keep Your House Clean Without Emptying Your Wallet

Photo by Pixabay

Author/Contributor: Cindy Aldridge, Our Dog Friends

For dog and cat owners, pet life is a rewarding one. However, it can be a challenge to keep up with the housecleaning that accompanies pet ownership. You might feel the constant picking up, cleaning up, and purchases have you raiding your bank account to maintain a clean and healthy home. It doesn't have to be expensive, though. Today, Summer Winds presents some budget-friendly tips for keeping a clean dog home without overspending.

Budget-friendly remedies for pet mess clean-up

Even the most well-trained dogs or cats can have accidents or get an upset stomach. As a pet owner, you are probably familiar with the mess clean-up process. The key to keeping those messes from turning into permanent reminders is immediate removal. Always have a pet-specific stain remover on hand to quickly dispose of the mess. In doing so, you can minimize the long-term effects, including stains and lingering odors. There are many stain-removing products that are budget-friendly and easily found at any retailer and online.

Tips to cleaning your furniture

Soft furnishings in your home can be a magnet for pet hair. You are also no stranger to collecting dog fur in various corners of your rooms. You may consider investing in a hand-held vacuum for quick, spot cleanup attention as needed throughout the week. It might be helpful to place old blankets or sheets on furniture where your dog tends to lounge. You can then preserve the condition of your furniture and launder the sheets to keep them fresh. Some dog owners use lint rollers for emergency hair removal before guests arrive too.

It's important to keep your dog and cat well-groomed in an effort to keep the hair deposits to a minimum. Look for coupons to local grooming services for regular treatments. If you groom at home, you can save on brushes, shedding combs, and pet-friendly shampoos from Summer Winds. Look for online promo codes and coupons as well as in-store savings. You may consider applying for a retailer-specific line of credit to leverage a cashback or rewards platform, as well.

If you have stubborn stains that you absolutely can’t remove on your own, you may have to bring in a furniture cleaner. Search for upholstery professionals, find reviews, customer feedback, and deals at sites like Angi. Before hiring a furniture cleaning company, ask for an estimate and referrals. You can also check to see if your furniture’s warranty covers the cost of cleaning.

Odor control on a budget

K-9 and Felines smells can be one of the most frustrating aspects of dog/cat ownership. Even the routinely groomed or bathed pups can produce unfavorable odors in the home. Be diligent about regular cleaning of surfaces throughout your home. In doing so, you'll be able to remove those unseen odor contributors like saliva and dander. If you find yourself cleaning constantly and still battling unsavory dog fragrances, here are a few other tips that might help.

● Rubbing alcohol diluted with water (test spray on surfaces in a small area first)

Air purifiers in high pup-traffic rooms

● Furnace filter changing frequently

Carpet cleaning services throughout the year

Find coupons for routine pet maintenance purchases

You've come to expect a few extras on your regular shopping lists when you own a dog. You can look for cost-saving apps, coupons, and promo codes to help ease the costs of those much-needed pet supplies. Consider buying in bulk when you can on common items like paper towels, dusting wipes, and even pet foods and toys. You can make convenient use of shopping online with various sources that offer free shipping and discount pricing on pet supplies.

You understand there will be added expenses and maintenance when it comes to pet ownership. Take advantage of some of these resources for discounts and tips to help keep your house clean, Fido happy, and your wallet full.

Photo via: Pixabay


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