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SummerWinds® Crate Pad Covers from $5.00 - $9.00 Clearance

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SUMMERWINDS® CRATE PAD COVERS - ONLY (Foam Padding not included!) Less cost to ship covers only and you can purchase form padding to go into them. Or if you have some old crate pads that need replacing - puppy chewed the corner, but the padding is still good, etc., etc. These covers are perfect to cover older worn-out pads.


While They Last!

Crate Pads Cover for inside crates. Fits on top of the Crate-A-Lounge for extra comfort for your dog. Two-part crate pad, (1 1/2 inner foam, not included, must be purchased separately). Cover is made of (Cordura) a very strong and durable fabric, that is cloth like out outside and vinyl on inside. They are comfortable for the animals to lay on and don't damage coat and also waterproof fabric that is a material that is cloth like out outside and vinyl on inside. Removable cover. Machine washable. No bulky stuffing to wash & dry. Stays in place.

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SummerWinds® products are for all breeds of dogs, horses and cats, etc.

All of the products offered on this website are used in our own SummerWinds® Show Kennel dogs. As owners and breeders of Afghan Hounds and Whippets for over 40 years, we have produced over 375 AKC Show Champions. Our own pet needs led us on a quest to develop superior pet products (i.e., shampoos, conditioners, pet food supplements, and pet bed lounges). We began offering our SummerWinds® products for sale in 1981, and have since remained in high demand for the last 39 years.

However great it is to win, "The #1 priority at SummerWinds® is to see that our customers' pets stay healthy, energetic and live long, happy lives; and, that their owners are completely satisfied with all our products and services."

SummerWinds® is dedicated to working only with environmentally safe and biodegradable products. No laboratory animal tests are conducted on any of our products.

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